Wyoming Humanities is dedicated to bringing humanities based programming directly to Wyoming communities. We do this in three ways:

  1. Grants (direct funds to certified non-profits and state agencies (Libraries, museums, schools etc…),
  2. Conversations (in house programs meant to inspire community discussion) and
  3. Collaborations (partnerships with in-state and national organizations to bring opportunities to Wyoming including Smithsonian exhibits and Saturday University).

If you are interested in thinkWY program support, explore the program types below and learn how you can bring humanities programing to your area.


Grant Opportunities


We have three grant types with Opportunity grants to $750, Mini grants to $2,000, and Major Grants up to $10,000.  Recent grants have funded festivals, symposia, lecture series, documentaries, language projects, and art exhibits.


Our in-house programs all have one thing in common: they aim to inspire community conversations on topics of national, regional, and local significance.
thinkWY Insight

Insight is a mixed-media storytelling model where presenters have twenty-one slides auto-advancing every 20 seconds to examine any situation that brought insight into their personal or professional lives, or to the world at large—that’s a perfect seven min utes to tell the story of a realization.

thinkWY Reading Wyoming
From the 1990s to 2015 Wyoming Humanities operated the Reading Wyoming program in much the same way. Identifying, purchasing, housing, managing, and shipping multiple copies of multiple book series, accepting applications from hosting organizations, and contracting with and paying scholar stipends. Host organizations made arrangements and provided the publicity as well as application and reporting paperwork. Participants never had to do much more than read the books and show up.  
thinkWY Gatherings
ThinkWY Gatherings bring communities together in social and thought provoking environments where thinkers from diverse fields can share big ideas that have the potential to kickstart conversations in the broader community. The event is always free and includes a cash bar at the rotating venue, making this a local “think and drink” event not to miss! Each ThinkWY Gathering will feature one, two or three presentations (depending on the mix of presenters) that will inspire, educate, and inform on new ideas, social issues, and a broad spectrum of humanities topics to engage people in conversation.


Special Programming Initiatives

Wyoming Humanities is proud to partner with, sponsor and collaborate with dozens of agencies around the state each year. Every year, the topics change with current events and new ideas but our commitment to help bolster programs and events around the state remains the same. For a list of some of our more common partner agencies, click here. And be sure to check back often as we help bring exciting topics to Wyoming.

Museum on Main Street

The Smithsonian Institutes’ Museum on Main Street Traveling Exhibition Service brings high-quality curated exhibits to small towns across America. Each exhibit is paired with a local host site that pairs the exhibit with more Wyoming flavor. With local programming opportunities and undiscovered history about Wyoming, these exhibits provide an excellent opportunity to see how Wyoming fits in with larger national conversations.


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