Willard Gould grew up on the Wind River Reservation. He is former member of the Northern Arapahoe Business Council and a member of the Northern Arapahoe Language Commission.

His work has been in substance abuse counseling, domestic violence and family services. 

“This journey has been wonderful, to see that people can change especially my people who have had problems identifying themselves with outside world and the obstacles that lead them to a dysfunctional way of life. It can be rewarding and on the other side of the spectrum it can be heartbreaking.”

In 2015, the Arapahoe Language Commission discovered there were only 150 native speakers of their language left on the reservation.

Willard’s hope is to be instrumental in the preservation and teaching of the Arapahoe language.

The reteaching of the Arapahoe language to his tribe has become his passion. He also wants to instill in the young people the pride of knowing their language and culture.

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