Tory Sanders on What's Your Why? with Emy diGrappaTori Sanders is a game designer who believes that history can and must be harnessed to inform sustainable policy into the future.

Ms. Sanders has a BA in Comparative Politics, and a MA in Peace Education from the UN’s University for Peace in San Jose, Costa Rica.

“This game can’t create world peace but my goal is to create a classroom environment where everyone feels heard” Tori Sanders

She has worked as a migrant fruit-picker in New Zealand, she’s studied Astanga Yoga in Mysore, South India, and she’s walked through a minefield in Laos.

Strangely, none of these activities prepared her for raising two boys. Ms. Sanders lives in Jackson, Wyoming with her husband, AJ, and their two sons.

“I tell kids that neurocognitive science says that everyone wins more when everyone wins, that’s neurocognitive science and that’s also a mathematical model, it’s game theory.” Tori Sanders

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