Tim Sandlin on What's Your Why? with Emy diGrappaTim Sandlin, American novelist and screenwriter, has penned nine novels, 11 screenplays (two of which have been made into movies: Floating Away (1998), which was based on his novel Sorrow Floats and Skipped Parts (2001), based upon the novel of the same name, and a book of humorous essays.

He is known to capitalize on comedy and probe serious topics like alcoholism, suicide, and aging. He’s been compared to Tom Robbins.

“When you think American master of absurdist humor with acute observations about contemporary society, characters to fall in love with, and lines you’ll be quoting to your friend, the first name to spring to mind should be ‘Tim’ (Sandlin), not ‘Tom’ (Robbins),” said Sarah Bird, Austin, Texas, novelist and a friend of Sandlin’s.

“I turned forty with no phone, TV, or flush toilet and spent more time talking to the characters in my head than the people around me.” Tim Sandlin

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