Ryan Burke on What's Your Why? with Emy diGrappaRyan Burke is an endurance mountaineer and full time addictions therapist who lives in Jackson, Wyoming.

He is currently developing The Mindstrength Project which works with athletes and survivors of addiction in risk composure education. He teaches his clients at Curran-Seeley –

“…with addiction it’s about getting through the next day and reminding one’s self you have gotten through similar days before and have the strength to do it again.” Ryan Burke

These similarities of what gets him through the mountains and what helps addicts stay clean, are why Burke started the Mind Strength Project, a program that physically and mentally trains athletes and addicts side-by-side.

“Perceptual barriers are a huge thing to overcome, bigger than any mountain. The people I work with every day have a huge influence on me when I’m in the mountains. If they can get through the everyday challenges of addiction, then I know I can get through this day. That kind of inspiration gets rid of any hollow excuses not to try.” Ryan Burke

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