Mark Jenkins: Explorer And Writer Of The Most Dangerous And Difficult

As a foreign correspondent for the past 30 years, Mark Jenkins has explored the most remote, difficult and dangerous places on the planet. He will do whatever it takes to get the story. On assignment in Afghanistan, he was arrested by the Tajik KGB and interrogated for a week. On assignment in Burma, he was arrested by the military junta multiple times. On assignment in eastern Congo, he was captured by the murderous Hutu guerillas. Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, says “Mark Jenkins purposefully goes out and taunts the gods. How he gets away with it is probably why he’s had 30 to 40 arrests—and no convictions.”  Learn more about his adventures at

A world-renowned explorer, critically acclaimed author and  international journalist, for the last decade Jenkins has covered the globe for National Geographic Magazine. Among hundreds of stories, he has written about landmines in Cambodia, mountain gorillas in Africa, the loss of koalas in Australia, global warming in Greenland, ethnic cleansing in Burma and climbing Mt. Everest.

“My areas of specialty is land mines and I’ve covered land mines in Mozambique, Cambodia and Afghanistan in the Congo because I think there are important issues because they’re one of the few weapons of war that remain alive after the war is over, 80 percent of the people who are hurt or killed by landmines are civilians, usually mothers and kids.” – Mark Jenkins

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