Jennifer Tennican on What's Your Why? with Emy diGrappa“Hearts of Glass” documents the early beginnings of Vertical Harvest and its employees with disabilities.

Vertical Harvest is one of the world’s only multi-story hydroponic greenhouses, provides year-round produce in a rural mountain town and meaningful employment to community members with disabilities.

“I was drawn to documenting a once-in-a-lifetime story about innovation and possibility unfolding in my backyard. That story includes community members with disabilities.” Jennifer Tennican

Jennifer Tennican describes her new documentary film as a once-in-a-lifetime story about innovation and possibility.

“That story includes community members with disabilities. Over the course of the film, in an organic way, I hope viewers get to know several of the greenhouse employees with disabilities. Viewers can experience firsthand the impact of employment and inclusion.” Jennifer Tennican

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