David Dorfman on What's Your Why? with Emy diGrappaDavid Dorfman is the Artistic Director of David Dorfman Dance since 1987, and a Professor of Dance since 2004. He received a Guggenheim fellowship in 2005 to continue his research and choreography in the topics of power and powerlessness, including activism, dissidence, and underground movements.

Since its founding in 1987, David Dorfman Dance has performed extensively throughout North and South America, Great Britain, Europe and Central Asia. David Dorfman Dance promotes the appreciation and critical understanding of dance by realizing the creation of new works. His mission is to “to get the whole world dancing.”

His company creates dance that seeks to de-stigmatize the notion of accessibility and interaction in post-modern dance by embracing audiences with visceral, meaningful dance, music and text.

By sustaining a vision to create innovative, inclusive, movement-based performance that is radically humanistic, David Dorfman Dance maintains a core commitment to examine and unearth issues and ideas that enliven, incite, and excite audiences in dialogue and debate about social change.

“I didn’t really get into dancing in an organized fashion until college. In college I became a competitive disco dancer and I took my first modern dance class and I was sold.” David Dorfman

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