Chas Marsh on What's Your Why? with Emy diGrappaChas Marsh, co-owner Jackson Hole Still Works, discusses his journey into the business, how and why he came to Wyoming and his love for traveling the state.

Jackson Hole Still Works handcrafted spirit roster includes vodka, gin and whiskey distributed throughout the Cowboy State.

Along with his partner Travis Goodman, they practice and implement on a day to day basis “grain to glass” which means almost exactly what it sounds like.

For example, Marsh and Goodman get all the corn from a farmer in Bryon, Wyoming and all their oats from farmer in Powell, Wyoming.

“A lot of times people have their hearts set on an idea and if you’re a true entrepreneur you’re going to find that you’ll go through one, two, three or ten ideas before you become successful in just one of them.” Chas Marsh

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