When I started writing these posts 12 days ago, I had no idea how transformative this writing project would be. There’s a great deal of research that supports bringing a state of gratitude into your daily existence can literally change your mental health and it is a vital part of finding happiness in the fast-paced life we live today. As I started this process by sketching out who all we’d want to thank it was revelatory how many organizations and individuals come together to support us in one way or another. I’ve always been extremely grateful for the generosity of our donors and partners, but the spectacular extent of our network was made expressly visible through this process. Wyoming Humanities isn’t just five overworked employees and a dozen committed current board members—it is an all-encompassing network of individuals and organizations that weave together to great a rich humanities tapestry that tells the stories of Wyoming.

 There are many ways to measure our impact. We’ve explored them in the previous 11 days. The vast numbers of museums, libraries, tribal members and organizations, state-wide organizations, public officials and employees, board members, staff members, scholars, grantees, and cultural groups we work with is one measure. How many people around the state who engage with our programs and projects is another. We also care deeply about, and diligently track the work we do, for our primary funders, the NEH, the State of Wyoming, and the many generous foundations who see us as a vehicle to help them achieve their own missions. But when a person chooses to donate to our work, no matter the size of their check, we are able to see directly how valuable our work is in Wyoming.

 Our federal funding requires a dollar-for-dollar match from the people of Wyoming. Raising that annual match amount is a significant part of what we must do work-wise here at our council. Unrestricted cash donations to Wyoming Humanities not only help us meet our match requirement every year—thus ensuring our continued operation in Wyoming—your donation goes directly to our programming and helps us reach every corner of our state. Our most sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who contributes to us. If you haven’t donated, I hope you will consider joining the Wyoming Humanities family as part of your own annual giving strategy. We could not accomplish all the great things we do without you. Thank you so much. The board and staff of Wyoming Humanities wish you many blessings for the coming holiday season.

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