Rebekah Smith: An Authentic and Adventurous Voice For Wyoming Women

Jessica Bolerjack: Oil & Gas Land Representative And Successful Rodeo Competitor

Cecilia Aragon: How My Latina And Navajo Roots Inspire My Work

Lynnette Grey Bull: First Native American Woman From Wyoming To Run For US Congress

Tara Nethercott: The Strength Of Our State Is Our People

Carla Mowell: Explores People And Cultures Of The West

Mary Burman: Passion And Dedication To Make A Difference In Healthcare

Susan Simpson: Serving My State And Your Responsibility To Vote

Susan Simpson discusses the role of libraries in a healthy democracy, how politics is like sausage making, and why women don’t run for office, they have to be asked.

“There is so much to learn running for office, and so to do that and to have a job and to have a family is really challenging.” – Susan Simpson

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Michelle Sullivan: Living Intentionally, Advocating For Youth & Loving Wyoming

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