Wyoming Pandemic Stories: A Snapshot in Time

Wyoming Pandemic Stories is a time capsule that contains the stories of lives turned upside down by the Corona Virus. We will share these stories on our website, Facebook and other social media channels. We will also archive them to document this historical time where every one’s life has been shaken by the Corona Virus.

We encourage you to write your story and email it to us or record a podcast with Wyoming Humanities on what has changed in your lifedue to COVID-19. We understand this is a challenging time for many, and it could be a long road to recovery for our State.

Help us document how the global pandemic struck the people of Wyoming.

Call or write to Emy@thinkwy.org 307-699-2680

We want to hear from all of you:

• kids home from school

• healthcare providers in every sector

• grocery store workers

• homeschooling career moms (I bet you never thought that would happen)

• college students

• teachers

• business owners

• truck drivers

• oilfield workers

• artists/musicians

• legislators

• seniors

• spiritual and…the list goes on

• leaders

Please feel free to share journal entries, photo’s, videos and give us permission to share on our website, social media and in use for archival purposes. To schedule a podcast please call emy@thinkwy.org.