Wyoming Humanities takes part in the 2024 Wyoming Road Trip Playlist

It’s an annual tradition: each summer, the Wyoming Arts Council releases its annual road trip playlist. Now that June is here, the talents across the Cowboy State provide the perfect soundtrack for any adventure across Wyoming’s beautiful landscape.

And it’s not just music. For the first time in this project’s history, podcast episodes were included in the playlist. As with the musical artists, all of the podcasters are in Wyoming, and all of the episodes chosen are based on stories around the state.

Emy diGrappa, executive producer for Wyoming Humanities, served as the judge of the podcast episodes submitted, ultimately choosing four to add to the mix.

“The ones that were selected are ones we think people will keep people listening,” she said. “They’re entertaining, offer some different perspectives, and really do featuring some engaging Wyoming-centric topics.”

The podcast episodes selected for this year’s playlist are:

  • The Library Built on a Cemetery and What Got Left Behind (That Doesn’t Happen Every Day)
  • The Lost Owl Creek Colony (Pioneers of Outlaw Country)
  • On the Trail to Porcupine Falls (Wyoming Pathway to Adventure)
  • Sasquatch in Wyoming (Strange Nature)

The Summer Road Trip Playlist is an annual release hosted on Spotify and promoted at high tourism areas across the state, such as at state parks, historic sites and trails, Wyoming visitor centers, museums and festivals. You can find the Road Trip Playlist on Spotify by searching ‘2024 Wyoming Road Trip Playlist’ or by going to https://spoti.fi/456GTdF.

Additionally, Wyoming Humanities also offers two currently running podcast series, both produced by diGrappa: What’s Your Why? and Winds of Change. Details and episodes can be found here.