Wyoming Humanities Opens New Round of Crossroads Grants for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations across the state can apply for a new round of grants of up to $10,000 through Wyoming Humanities.

Wyoming Crossroads Grants are part of an initiative to apply humanities perspectives locally to help the state realize growth out of change. Wyoming Humanities has taken the lead in this multi-faceted statewide campaign to dig deep into the themes of Wyoming’s identity, sense of community, connection to the land, persistence, and ability to manage change. 

These grants will support various public humanities projects related to either digital media or preservation. Applications are due April 15.

Wyoming Humanities has awarded hundreds of thousands in Wyoming Crossroads grants since its inception.

“I’ve heard from people asking whether they should apply or whether they fit the criteria,” said Chloe Flagg, the director of grants and programming with Wyoming Humanities. “The quick answer is often a resounding ‘yes’ – and if they have any questions, they should absolutely speak with us about these opportunities.”

Applicants will have the opportunity to expand on proposed projects during a conversation with the Wyoming Humanities team. These conversations will help supplement applications and be used to strengthen evaluations.

To apply for the grant or to get more details, visit thinkwy.org/grants or email chloe@thinkwy.org.