Wyoming Humanities launches new podcast

It’s a new format, a new style, and new content – all in the latest podcast series from Wyoming Humanities.

“Winds of Change” is centered on the people, places, history, and stories of Wyoming. Created as part of the organizations Crossroads initiative, these in-depth episodes will focus on the themes of Wyoming’s identity, sense of community, connection to the land, persistence, and ability to manage change.

Emy diGrappa, executive producer for Wyoming Humanities, helped to create and host “Winds of Change.” Chloe Flagg and Lucas Fralick serve as co-hosts, with numerous guests scheduled for the run of the series.

“How does someone identify with wide spaces and big personalities in small towns?,” diGrappa said. “This podcast gives a voice for people to share their connection to Wyoming, to those pining for opportunities to invite change, and to the many voices who welcome the challenges of our state.”

The introductory episode is now available at thinkwy.org/podcasts or anywhere podcasts are downloadable, such as Apple or Google. New episodes will be available on alternating Thursdays, beginning June 16.

Wyoming Humanities has created two other podcast series: “What’s Your Why?” and “First, But Last?”; all three podcasts can be found at thinkwy.org/podcasts.