Wyoming Community Foundation Awards Grant to Wyoming Humanities

Date: October 3, 2019
Contact: Emy diGrappa
Emy@ThinkWY.org | 307.699.2680

Since the beginning of time (human time), storytelling has served a critical role as the sole means of communicating experiences and emotions in narrative form.  Ancient storytellers were revered keepers of local knowledge, history, and traditions in their communities. Why stories? Because storytelling provides a way to make our world comprehensible.

Laramie, WY – Welcome to What’s Your Why? podcast, a partnership with the Wyoming Community Foundation and Wyoming Humanities. We are pleased to announce Wyoming Community Foundation granted Wyoming Humanities a grant to strengthen connections and communities across Wyoming.

Wyoming Humanities has been telling stories in digital formats for over 8 years. In 2017, we converted our “ThinkWY Radio” audio interview series, which was hosted on our website and on Wyoming Public Radio’s digital platform, to podcast format titled What’s Your Why? We invested in this format to reach a wider audience in all corners of the state and all 99 communities.

Podcasts are incredibly popular because the platform is uniquely situated to fit into busy lives—providing information and entertainment in bite-size chunks and allowing a deeper dive into many subjects. The perfect vehicle to tell stories, podcasts often create communities of like-minded individuals who share interests—in our case, the stories of peoples’ lives and passions and connections to Wyoming.

As our podcast catalog has expanded, we have learned a great deal. A grant from the WCF provides transcription availability for What’s Your Why? podcasts. Offering multiple ways to consume an episode is a must. Transcribing allows everyone to access podcasts, including people who are deaf, hard- of-hearing, non-native speakers, or those who suffer from conditions that cause difficulties in following a fast conversation. Transcription also extends the ability for people to find and refer to our podcasts through searches and links to important comments and points made in the recording. It is long overdue for us to be as inclusive as possible and proactively consider the needs of a wider range of audiences.

What’s Your Why? Podcast – Discovering and Documenting the Human Experience.

What's Your Why? wiith Emy diGrappa

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