2018 Major Grant Opening and Deadline Announcement

Wyoming Humanities is announcing the opening of its Major grant program for 2018. Beginning April 1, applicants seeking funding for larger humanities projects between $2,001 and $10,000 may submit applications through our online portal – visit www.thinkwy.org/grants and click “Apply Now.”

New to 2018 is the requirement to submit applications through Wyoming Humanities’ Foundant Portal. Prospective applicants will need to register through this online system to submit applications. All applications must be preceded by a clear letter of intent which details the project scope. Once the letter of intent has been submitted and approved, applicants will be given the option to proceed through the application process online. Note: The application portion of the system is not available without an approved letter of intent.

Applicants are highly encouraged to download and view the application available on the Grants webpage before applying. However, the online system will save all progress should you need to revisit before submitting.

Key Dates:

Application period opens April 1.

The application period ends July 1 – No applications will be accepted after this date.

August 15 grants awarded and the project may begin. To ensure time for proper review and contractual requirements, Wyoming Humanities cannot fund projects or components of the project which begin earlier than this date.

Key requirements:

All approved projects must contain a central focus on the humanities and use of the humanities as a tool to explore the central theme.

Projects must contain public components – While humanities research is an important and critical component, Wyoming Humanities is built on the concept of public humanities and public access.

All funded organizations must be a recognized nonprofit group or state agency with a valid EIN and DUNS number.

All projects must be matched at a minimum of $1-$1 with non-Federal dollars.

Organizations/Sponsoring Organizations who receive over $500,000 in Federal funds per fiscal year will be required to submit copies of their latest audit report.

For more information or questions, contact Erin@thinkwy.org.