The Story That Needs To Be Told: Supporting Wyoming Filmmakers

In this episode we talk about our grants and grant recipients. We highlight their accomplishments as filmmakers, and we are honored to have supported their work.

Grants and Program Director, Chloe Flagg describes the grants and grantmaking process. 

She describes the Wyoming Humanities grants cycles and diversity of projects and programs.

Wyoming Crossroads Grants support the larger multi-year thematic initiatives of Wyoming Humanities. Through our Wyoming Crossroads Grants, we encourage new ideas to explore the deep themes related to Wyoming’s identity, our sense of community, our connection to the land, unwavering persistence, and of course our ability to manage change. 

Our two grant recipients and filmmakers David Rohm and Mark Pedri!

About Filmmaker David Rohm

David is a passionate advocate of photography and photographers throughout his career as an art director. He is passionate about all things involving conservation and wildlife, parks, and public lands. 

He and his wife Melissa have more than three decades of experience behind the lens, and their passion for the natural world is what inspired them to launch Wild Excellence Films. Their goal is to make cause documentaries that educate, inform, and awe audiences, encouraging people to get involved with saving wild places and the living things that inhabit them.

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Golden Eagles trailer:

About Filmmaker Mark Pedri

Mark is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and writer from Southwestern Wyoming. His character-driven style of storytelling is reminiscent of his equally unique upbringing in Wyoming.

Mark’s journey has been guided by the stories he tells. His thirst for truth and storytelling go hand in hand, which has given him the opportunity to make films in some of the furthest corners of the planet. In addition to his own writing and directing career, Mark also has a special interest in supporting new voices within the film and television industry. During his tenure at Sundance Institute in the Feature Film and Episodic Programs, he focused on ushering underrepresented artists into the industry by helping them hone their craft and develop their own personal stories. Mark holds an MA in Communication & Journalism from the University of Wyoming and an MFA in Producing for TV and Film from the University of Southern California. Mark splits his time between Los Angeles and Wyoming.

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