Revolutionizing the Symphony: William Intriligator on Engaging New Audiences

In the world of music, a symphony orchestra holds the power to transport us to extraordinary realms of emotion and wonder. But what if I told you that behind the captivating melodies and harmonies lies an unexpected twist that forever changed the course of one man's life? Picture this: a young graduate student, eager to explore the depths of musical expression, crosses paths with a mentor who unknowingly ignites a flame within him. Little did he know that this chance encounter would eventually lead him to become the music director of the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra. Listen as the story unfolds, revealing a journey filled with passion, dedication, and a desire to revolutionize the way we experience orchestral music.

William Intriligator is an experienced orchestra leader and the conductor of the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra. With a tenure of 15 seasons, he has played a pivotal role in expanding the reach and diversifying the programming of the orchestra. His vision for the orchestra centers around building partnerships, reaching new audiences, and promoting local musicians and artists. By collaborating with other organizations in Cheyenne and beyond, the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra has been able to organize unique concerts and educational programs for a wide range of audiences. Through his leadership, William has brought a fresh perspective and a commitment to innovation to the orchestra, ensuring its continued growth and engagement with the community.

  •  Discover the transformative role of a conductor in an orchestra and unlock the secret behind their ability to bring the music to life. 
  •  Explore how innovative programming can break down barriers and captivate new audiences, expanding the reach of your arts organization like never before. 
  •  Learn the importance of inclusivity and partnerships in orchestral programming and how they can enhance the audience experience and foster a sense of community. 
  •  Uncover the power of integrating classical composers with new collaborations to create an unforgettable season that blends tradition and innovation in perfect harmony. 

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