From Wyoming To D.C: 5 Women Artists

In this Winds of change podcast, I am flying solo. I’m usually joined by Chloe and Lucas but not today!

We have five extraordinary artists that we are highlighting in this episode. Wyoming artists selected for Women To Watch 2024 exhibit is the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC and this series features underrepresented and emerging women artists

Wyoming will participate for the first time in NMWA’s Women to Watch exhibition, held in Washington, DC in 2024 and these five inspirational and talented artists were chosen from across Wyoming to be invited to submit their work. BUT, only one will be chosen to be on exhibit in a collection at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C!

I had a conversation with Lisa Fleischman who is heading up the Wyoming Women’s committee and the committee includes dynamic, energetic women across the state who are committed to supporting the arts.

I also wanted to just point out that while one artist will be chosen for the show in Washington, DC, which opens, by the way in the spring of 2024 in Washington, DC, we are very much about presenting all five artists to audiences across Wyoming.

Following my conversation with Lisa you will hear from the five artists: Leah Hardy, Jenifer Rife, Sarah Ortegon, Katy Ann Fox and Bronwyn Minton.

And you can learn more about each artist by going to our website at What’s Your Why? Podcasts

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