What’s Your Why? Brought to you by ThinkWY/Wyoming Humanities

Introducing Wyoming Humanities new podcast What’s Your WHY? Listen for a sneak peak on this new exciting program.

We are bringing you powerful conversations with authors, journalists, philosophers, historians, scientists and many more who will tell us what their “why” is…what inspires, motivates, and makes them tick.

ThinkWY | Wyoming Humanities podcasts are created to capture the stories in and outside of Wyoming to share ideas, perspectives, and insights about the human experience.

Emy diGrappa (00:16):

This is Emy diGrappa, and I'm your host for What's Your Why?, an exciting new podcast from thinkWY Productions and Wyoming Humanities that debuts on Monday, July 31. At the heart of our show is the question "why?" Why do people do what they do? What is their passion, their story, their reason why? What new ideas, wisdom, and perspectives can we gain from another person's experiences? Plus, we just like hearing people's stories. Storytelling is part of our DNA. It is in our nature to tell and seek stories. A story drives our inborn hunger for story hearing and story making. What's Your Why? talks with a diverse range of people.

Speaker 2 (00:58):

But I always went by Kamau, but I thought, for some reason as a kid, I thought Kamau Bell sounded too plain for somebody in show business.

Emy diGrappa (01:04):

We sit down with our guests to discover their journey and the choices they have made along the way.

Speaker 3 (01:10):

I was fortunate. I started traveling around with an open mind.

Emy diGrappa (01:13):

We want to discover their why, and we want to bring you along in the many conversations and interviews that we enjoy doing. We get to share these conversations with our listeners. You'll enjoy listening in and learning about the colorful people of wild Wyoming, but also all of the interesting people who come here to experience the West. We are launching our first podcast talking to former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson.

Alan Simpson (01:39):

I'm a master of lost causes, and I've achieved life's ultimate goal at 85.

Emy diGrappa (01:46):

Renowned Western writer, Craig Johnson.

Craig Johnson (01:50):

I built my own ranch. I mean, I poured the concrete, stacked the logs, built it all myself.

Emy diGrappa (01:54):

And a sculpture artist who calls herself Sanka. She creates art using augmented reality technology.

Speaker 6 (02:04):

Virtual objects on top of the real world.

Emy diGrappa (02:08):

We'll also bring you powerful conversations with nationally and internationally renowned humanists, including authors, journalists, philosophers, historians, scientists, and many more, who will tell us what their why is, what inspires, motivates, and makes them tick. These stories are what makes the human landscape of America, and it is appropriate that the majestic landscape of Wyoming forms the backdrop where we ask them to share their why.

Emy diGrappa (02:38):

Get ready to be inspired, hear new ideas, and gain another perspective. What's Your Why? will air once a week. Starting on Monday, July 31, sign in on iTunes, Google Plus, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Subscribe now and never miss an episode. Go to ThinkWY.org. That is T-H-I-N-K-W-Y.org. And thank you for listening.