Transformative Truths: Bob Berky’s Journey to Empathy and Connection

"Clowning is about revealing the truth of things. It's about that moment of epiphany when the world makes sense and laughter emerges." - Bob Berky

In a world where destiny can take unpredictable turns, one man's journey from the symphony to the circus is a wonderful story of learning and accomplishment.  From the enchanting sound of the French horn to the uproarious laughter of working as an accomplished professional Clown, Bob Berkey’s path took an unexpected twist that changed his life. But what led Bob to embrace the world of clowning? Join us as we unravel the captivating story of Bob Berky, a tale of passion, reinvention, and the boundless power of laughter. Get ready for a good narrative as we dive into his remarkable journey. And we learn what lies ahead with his new project in the works with Global Arts Corps called the Children’s Radio Exchange.

My special guest is Bob Berky:

Bob Berky is an accomplished performer and Obie Award winner, renowned for his exceptional work on major stages and festivals worldwide. With a career that spans notable venues such as the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, and various art centers across the globe, Bob's talent and artistry have garnered widespread recognition. Born into a musical family, Bob's early exposure to different cultures and environments shaped his perspective on equality and empathy. Transitioning from a musician to a theater artist, Bob discovered the power of connection and understanding through his performances. His journey led him to study with esteemed teachers, including Tony Montanaro, and eventually establish himself as a solo artist. Bob's unique blend of humor, spontaneity, and deep understanding has made him an expert in the art of clowning and a sought-after instructor in the field. Join us as we delve into Bob's captivating story and explore the profound impact of empathy and forgiveness in his personal and artistic journey.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  •  Discover the power of storytelling in different cultures - gain a deeper understanding of how stories shape our identity and foster connection. 
  • Embrace the importance of diverse representation in media - explore how diverse characters can inspire empathy and challenge societal norms. 
  • Recognize the significance of real stories and the need to listen to them - discover the power of listening to authentic voices and the impact it can have on our understanding of the world. 

Embrace Diverse Representation

Representing diverse perspectives is imperative for a comprehensive understanding of the world. Bob's work in the Children's Radio Exchange brings to light the stories of children from various cultural backgrounds. This initiative not only enriches global storytelling but also fosters empathy and connection among different communities, proving that representation matters not just on stage, but across all media platforms.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit the website of Wyoming Humanities to learn more about their programs and initiatives. 
  • Global Arts Corps
  • Children’s Radio Exchange
  • Learn more about professional theatre artist, Bob Berky
  • Consider attending upcoming events and programs organized by Wyoming Humanities 
  • Learn more about clowning as an art form and consider training in clowning techniques. 


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