Sally N. MacNichol Ph.D: Spreading Awareness of Violence and how Teen Dating Violence is on the Rise!

"We have to address this this issue – interpersonal violence - we live in a pretty abusive society - we tolerate a lot of violence - we love violence in many ways. We should strive to be a peacemakers to live a nonviolent life. I'm really committed to that. I think that we need to change our relationship to violence and it starts in our homes." Sally MacNichol

Sally N. MacNichol Ph.D, is Co-Executive Director of CONNECT, a New York City nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing interpersonal violence and promoting gender justice.

“Interpersonal violence is relationship violence that can include elders, straight people and gay people, plus teen dating violence. A huge problem in this country.” Sally MacNichol

She has been an antiviolence activist, advocate and educator for over three decades, counseling victims of domestic violence, designing and facilitating empowerment groups for survivors, working with men who batter and abuse, and training hundreds of staff from child welfare programs and community based organizations across New York City's five boroughs.

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