Nona Yehia: Vertical Farming, Greenhouses and Community Impact

“I've always believed that architecture can be a vehicle for social change so that you know architecture means something it's a reflection of our community values.” Nona Yehia

In 2009, Nona started work on Vertical Harvest of Jackson Hole. Following her passion for local food and experiences growing up with a brother with developmental disabilities, Nona conceived of a three story hydroponic greenhouse that employs people with developmental disabilities while producing local food for the community year round.

In 2016 Vertical Harvest opened its doors as a 'for profit business with a non profit soul'. This flagship project embodies Nona's efforts to pursue projects that are able to have a profound impact on communities based on architectural, economic and social innovation.

Nona is uniquely positioned in the vertical farming sphere as she is at once a practicing Architect, the Co-Founder, part owner, and CEO of a cutting edge greenhouse, Vertical Harvest of Jackson Hole.

This combination has cultivated expertise in both the design and implementation of innovative systems and programs that position Vertical Harvest to be a model for communities around the globe.

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