Kitty Pilgrim: Former CNN Anchor turned Novelist

“In many ways the old adage that “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” applies. The craft of reporting is not very far from the craft of storytelling. I wanted to try my hand in spinning an entertaining story from a strong factual base.” Kitty Pilgrim

Kitty Pilgrim worked as a CNN correspondent and news anchor for 24 years. Kitty talks about her career as a woman and single mother working in the CNN newsroom as well as the variety of assignments that took her around the world to Russia, China, Cuba, the Middle East, Korea and South Africa.

Her love for a good story began her journey as a novelist. Her novels, The Explorer's Code, The Stolen Chalice and Summer of Fire are what Kitty describes as fact-based fiction.

She wants them to be entertaining and interesting striking a balance between a page-turner with James Bond-esque action and an old-fashioned love story with true to life details.

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