Finding Inspiration and Purpose: Bonnie Wan

“Action is a byproduct of clarity. When you know what you want and where you're going, it's easier to make decisions, take action, and let your intuition and instincts guide you.” - Bonnie Wan

In this episode of the podcast What's Your Why?, you'll hear from Bonnie Wan, a strategist, author, and speaker, as she shares her insights on the power of creating a life brief. Bonnie's expertise as the head of brand strategy at an advertising agency shines through as she discusses her role in creating the iconic Got Milk? campaign and tackling important social issues through her work. But Bonnie's journey goes beyond advertising – she reveals how she applied her strategic skills to her own life, leading to a transformative practice called the Life Brief. By distilling what matters most to you and aligning your actions with your goals, the Life Brief offers clarity and focus in pursuing personal aspirations. Bonnie's relatable and down-to-earth approach will inspire you to embrace your creativity, tap into your inner voice, and make conscious choices that lead to a more fulfilling and aligned life. So, if you're seeking that clarity and direction, this episode is a must-listen for you.


Meet Bonnie Wan, an accomplished author, speaker, and teacher known for her expertise in the Life Brief practice. As a partner and head of brand strategy at the world-renowned advertising agency Goodbye Silverstein Partners, Bonnie has played a pivotal role in creating iconic campaigns like Got Milk. Her ability to tap into deep human insights has led to innovative and memorable advertising strategies. Beyond her work in the advertising industry, Bonnie is dedicated to making a positive impact on society. With her award-winning campaigns, she has tackled important issues such as child sex trafficking, cyberbullying, gender inequality, racial justice, and college campus rape. Through the Life Brief practice, Bonnie empowers individuals to gain clarity and focus in their lives, enabling them to align their actions with their true passions and aspirations. With her unique blend of creativity and courage, Bonnie inspires others to live authentically and pursue their dreams.


The practice of writing a Life Brief, as introduced by Bonnie Wan, can bring immense clarity in one's personal and professional life. This strategic yet introspective exercise helps align one's actions with their core values. It assists in navigating various life situations effectively, by allowing individuals to tune in to their inner voice, make informed choices, and focus on what truly matters – ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and aligned life.

  • Discover the secrets behind Bonnie Wan's brand strategy and advertising success, and learn how to apply them to your own business. 
  • Tap into the power of creating a life brief and gain clarity on your goals, values, and purpose, leading to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. 
  • Learn how to use a parenting brief for clear decision-making, helping you navigate the challenges of parenthood while staying true to your values and priorities. 
  • Embark on a journey of personal growth through self-reflection, gaining valuable insights into yourself and unlocking your full potential.
  • Tap into the power of creating a life brief.


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