Dusty Nichols and Bo Elledge: Passion, Artistry and whats behind Writing a Song and hearing the Music?

“I hope that we are inspiring people living in this town to play music, enjoy the outdoors, and start thinking they could be a part of a band, write songs and be part of the music culture.” Dusty Nichols, Canyon Kids

Canyon Kids is the creation of Dusty Nichols and Bo Elledge.

Forged on the banks of the Snake River, with an unwavering love of the American West, Canyon Kids are students of Americana, rock, and folk, but also pioneers of something entirely new.

And NOW they are the new music for the What's Your Why podcast.

The music is from their song Out Where The West Begins. Listen to their journey and story and love for Wyoming!

No Transcription Available For This Episode. For more information contact Emy@ThinkWY.org