Susan Stubson: Professional Pianist, Attorney and 6th Generation Wyomingite


“I think the recent dip in the economy could be a really great moment for those of us in the humanities community to say: ‘hey listen, all this conversation about diversifying our economy and making Wyoming more livable– it’s right there in front of you.’” – Susan Stubson

Susan Stubson is a westerner to her core. Born in Casper, Wyoming, her family has lived in Wyoming for 6 generations - since before Wyoming was a state!Susan believes deeply in public service and celebrating Wyoming’s rich cultural heritage.

She is currently serving as the chairman of the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund Board, previously serving as board member and ex-officio legal counsel for the Casper Chamber of Commerce, the Wyoming Community Foundation, the Wyoming Symphony, and the Wyoming Arts Counsel.

She is a strong voice for the arts, a frequent contributor to the Writers From Wyoming Series as well as a speaker on issues of women and leadership.

Tune in to hear Susan's perspective on what it means to be a tough Wyoming woman, the current state of women's rights in Wyoming, and why Wyoming needs to invest more in the arts and humanities.

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