Pandemic Stories: How I Deal With Isolation

Life has changed little for me by Juan Laden, Lander, WY

Life has changed little for me, being a single older man that works for himself, I have been “socially distanced” for years before this pandemic. I find it irritating and in appropriate that that term has gone “viral” and now it constantly being used as if part of this pandemic is a brain virus using this term. The term is “physically distancing” we have had too much “social distancing” in our culture and even the World Health Organization, recommends that we change the terminology. 

In a state that is second in the country for suicides and for me it is personal, cause I also am in the top profile of risk for suicide, single older men, with guns, we shouldn’t be using such volatile terminology.  

Other than that, I am busy working on my place, having been a camper all of my life and collecting the basics, I am set to continue my low consumption lifestyle, on the cheap. I am continuing to work on my passive solar addition, and I do some little jobs when they come, welding, though I haven’t had any plumbing or arbor work in a while. Those are the other things that I make money with besides my meager Social Security. I have definitely seen my work requests go way down. I do miss not going to the coffee shop and seeing folks there, and once a week going to “happy hour” at our local brewery/bar and letting everyone one knows I am still alive and in the country. Despite that, little has changed for me and I am actually less lonely now that I am alone, than when I would be out in town more and still being”socially distanced” due to my status as a single older man. 

Be well and stay well, Juan



Gratitude is an Attitude by Jean Wheatley (journal entry) 

A Senior’s perspective on the Pandemic, a time of reflection and introspective thinking.

These first 12 weeks have been the most peaceful time of my life.  Most of my life and during my 30-year career I felt like I was driving and racing myself to the finish line and I sure wanted to be the winner!

After retirement there was sure to be an adjustment, the race slowed down at least 60%, but the drive was still on!  The Pandemic really slowed lives down.  I reflected on a last meeting in March, while in Arizona. Titled “Passions” in life. From this meeting I have developed several programs to be used when we return to “normal”.

Passions change throughout life and one constant has been my love of journaling. This has given me great pleasure during these Pandemic weeks.  A journal from many years to hand down to each child and grandchild. Another constant in life that always remains is FAITH. Following is TRUST.

I am looking forward to a healthy future for our nation, and thankful for lessons of the past.