Dr. Susan Dewey on First, but Last? with Emy diGrappaDr. Susan Dewey is a professor in the School of Culture, Gender, and Social Justice at the University of Wyoming and cofounder of the award-winning college and prison program Wyoming Pathways from Prison.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the particular challenges faced by incarcerated women in Wyoming, the differences in crimes committed by men and women, and why Wyoming is an ideal environment for research on these topics.

“No matter where they’re incarcerated – in any of our 50 states or in fact in the world, these are women who have landed a little harder than the rest of us did when we made our bad choices.” – Dr. Susan Dewey

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“If addiction was removed from the equation, our prisons would be if not empty than maybe a tenth of the size that they are today.” – Dr. Susan Dewey

Show Notes:

  • Why Wyoming is an ideal environment for Susan’s studies
  • How Susan helps women transition out of the prison system
  • The particular challenges incarcerated women face in Wyoming
  • The differences in crimes committed by men and women
  • What to look forward to in Susan’s upcoming book on the dynamics of mass incarceration

Links Mentioned:

“We need to start looking at what is the reason that the United States has become a world-leader in terms of incarceration rates.” – Dr. Susan Dewey

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