Sarah Sample on First, but Last? with Emy diGrappaSarah Sample is an award winning singer-songwriter who lives in Wyoming.

She sings songs that weave a trail of stories through folk, americana, and country.

Tune in to hear how Sarah uses her music to express herself as a woman, why financial independence is essential for women, and as a special treat, hear her perform her song “Redwing”.

“The wide open spaces felt like open arms to me. The endless skies and horizons leave room for anyone to belong.” – Sarah Sample on Wyoming

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“I used to have the expectation that I can be a working mom: I can tour, I can travel, and I can have kids. But the truth is that children need you.” – Sarah Sample

Show Notes:

  • How Sarah found herself in Wyoming
  • Sarah’s introduction to music and songwriting
  • How Sarah uses her music to express herself as a woman
  • How women are unfairly torn between childrearing and having a career
  • Why financial independence is essential for women
  • Sarah sings her song “Redwing”

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Sarah Sample:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Sarah Sample

“I don’t ever want my children to be dependent on a man to pay for their life. I want them to be able to pay for their life and to not have to make choices based on money.” – Sarah Sample

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