Sara Burlingame on First, But Last? with Emy DiGrappaSara Burlingame represents Wyoming House District 44 in the Wyoming Legislature.

She is also executive director of Wyoming Equality.

Sara is passionate about politics and community activism.

In this interview, you’ll hear about how Sara was adopted into a tribe of Mormon feminists, why she is conflicted about calling Wyoming the equality state, and what equal representation would look like in Wyoming.

“I feel very conflicted because on the one hand, I want to celebrate that Wyoming passed suffrage, but I also want to complicate that history with the reality that we did not give all women the right to vote.” – Sara Burlingame

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“Potlucks are a great way to move LGBTQ advocacy forward. That is a legitimate way to create a robust LGBTQ community!” – Sara Burlingame

Show Notes:

  • The origin of Sara’s last name
  • How Sara got started in politics
  • Why Sara moved to Wyoming
  • How Sara was adopted into a tribe of Mormon feminists despite not being Mormon
  • How Wyoming Equality supports the LGBTQ community
  • Why Sara is conflicted calling Wyoming the “equality state”
  • What equal representation would look like in Wyoming
  • What Sara would change if she could wave a magic wand to make it happen

Links Mentioned:

Twitter | House District 44: Representative Sara Burlingame

“I was adopted into a tribe of Mormon feminists and if you met these women, you would want to be adopted too.” – Sara Burlingame

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