Robin Sessions Cooley on First, but Last

Robin Sessions Cooley is the Director of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

She grew up in Park County and is from Powell, Wyoming.

In this episode, Robin talks about the impact that working in local government has had on her life, her advice for young women who want to go into politics, and why the people in the Workforce Services Office are the best thing about the job.

“No matter your goals, there will always be naysayers.” – Robin Sessions Cooley

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“Ït’s incredible where women are going in Wyoming.” – Robin Sessions Cooley

Show Notes:

  • What it means to be the Director of the Wyoming department of workforce services
  • Why Robin enjoyed working for the Wyoming department of workforce services since day one
  • How is the Wyoming department of workforce services combatting unemployment
  • How the Wyoming at Work program provides job assistance
  • Where to get help with your resume in Wyoming
  • The barriers to women entering politics

Links Mentioned:

“It’s an exciting time for the role that the Workforce Services can play in moving Wyoming into the future.” – Robin Sessions Cooley

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