Robin K. Hill, Ph.D. on First, but Last? with Emy diGrappaRobin K. Hill, Ph.D is a lecturer for the Department of Computer Science, an affiliate of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies and the Wyoming Institute for Humanities Research at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

In this episode, you’ll hear about Robin’s family history in Laramie, WY, how Robin found computer science via her philosophy studies, and how Wyoming’s suffrage celebration relates to the national celebration that will take place in 2020.

“[Computer Science] is a male dominated field for no good reason I can understand. I think women are perfectly well suited for it. These things do tend to take on a life of their own, so if there are a lot of men in the field, it becomes a male dominated field because others tend to follow that trend.” – Robin K. Hill

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“What matters is the decisions we make and the actions we take, not what we say about it all.” – Robin K. Hill

Show Notes:

  • Robin’s family history in Laramie, Wyoming
  • How Robin found computer science through her philosophy studies
  • The relation between Wyoming’s suffrage celebration and the national celebration that will be held in 2020
  • Why Wyoming was the first state to grant women the right to vote
  • Why the western states were the first to grant women the right to vote

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