Nish Goicolea on First, But Last? with Emy DiGrappaNish Goicolea is the Executive Director of the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board.

She was born and raised in Sweetwater County.

In this episode, you’ll hear about Nish’s childhood in a trilingual household, how she encourages young people to do more and be more, and her vision for the education system in Wyoming.

“Maybe I didn’t have exactly the same opportunities as some of the men in my life, but because of education, I had even more.” – Nish Goicolea

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“All education should be career and technical education.” – Nish Goicolea

Show Notes:

  • How Nish’s family came to the United States
  • Why Nish was fascinated with language and education at an early age
  • How Nish encourages young women to do more and be more
  • Why Nish’s mom went back to college
  • Nish’s thoughts about the #metoo movement
  • Nish’s vision for education in Wyoming

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