Nancy Guthrie on First, but Last? with Emy diGrappaNancy Guthrie is a true Wyoming woman!

She grew up in Newcastle, Wyoming, graduated from the University of Wyoming, and served on the 9th Judicial District Court in Sublitt, Freemont, and Teton county.

She is now retired and works as a mediator.

Tune in to hear about Nancy’s childhood, how she decided she wanted to become a lawyer and a judge, and her wisdom for young women seeking to do the same.

“If you ever have a dean of a law school tell you that you were taking up space a man could take up, you just smile at him and threaten him that you’ll sue him if he doesn’t let you in.” – Nancy Guthrie’s advice for young female lawyers

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Show Notes:

  • On Nancy’s childhood in Newcastle, Wyoming
  • Why Nancy decided she wanted to become a lawyer and a judge
  • Experiences of discrimination in the workplace
  • Nancy’s childhood pranks
  • Why Wyoming is a unique place to live
  • Nancy’s wisdom for young female lawyers

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