Maggi Murdock on First, But Last? with Emy DiGrappaDr. Maggi Murdock is a retired educator, a school administrator, and is recognized as a pioneer at the University of Wyoming.

She is a Wyoming native, born and raised in Torrington, WY.

In this episode, you’ll hear about Maggi’s journey back to Wyoming, her career as a college professor, and her thoughts on gender discrimination.

“When we all are treated equally, that helps the whole society.” – Maggi Murdock

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“What I’ve tried to do is help people in their jobs and their education say ‘oh, I do have a lot of choices!’ And I think once we realize we have choices, we start knowing how to pursue those.” – Maggi Murdock

Show Notes:

  • Maggi’s childhood in Torrington
  • Why Maggi moved back to Wyoming after college
  • Why Maggi is so passionate about education
  • How teleconferencing created more opportunities for people to return to school
  • Maggi’s experience with discrimination in academia
  • How Maggi is making a difference in the lives of young Wyoming women

“The more diversity there is among decision makers, the better decisions get made.” – Maggi Murdock

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