Leticia Liera on First, but Last? with Emy diGrappaLeticia Liera migrated from Mexico City to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2001.

She is the director of the Head Start program in Jackson and she has a masters degree in systemic thinking.

Tune in to hear why Lety moved to Jackson, her perspective on discrimination in the United States, and how she is raising her son in the #metoo era.

“Sometimes, I believe this American culture asks you to take sides: you’re a minority or the majority; you are a person of wealth or you are poor; black or white. I think we are much more complex than that and that’s why we don’t solve issues because they are not always one or the other.” – Leticia Liera

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“Becoming a citizen of the United States of America is something that I don’t take lightly. I believe that I have a responsibility, I have a duty. We have a voice here, which is amazing.” – Leticia Liera

Show Notes:

  • Why Lety moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Lety’s perspective on discrimination in Wyoming
  • Why Lety raised her son in Wyoming, rather than Mexico
  • Why US citizenship is not to be taken lightly
  • Advice for young latinas in Wyoming
  • The #metoo movement

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