Gigi Jasper on First, But Last? with Emy DiGrappaDr. Gigi Jasper is a retired English teacher living in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

In this episode, you’ll hear about why Gigi moved to Wyoming, her career as a public school teacher, and her experience with discrimination as an African American woman living in rural Wyoming.

“In some ways, my welcome to Wyoming was having to file with the EEOC.” – Gigi Jasper

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“Even still, I see disbelief that I am black.” – Gigi Jasper

Show Notes:

  • What brought Gigi Jasper to Wyoming
  • Being a woman and being black in rural America
  • Ways the Proust Effect has affected Gigi Jasper’s life
  • How Gigi’s teaching has changed her students’ concept of race
  • What Gigi is most proud of

“I am the exception because I have had hundreds of students who now know me and not just what they think they know when they see me for the first time.” – Gigi Jasper

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