Clarene Law on First, But Last? with Emy DiGrappaClarene Law is a business woman, a former Wyoming State Legislator, and a self-made millionaire.

She is the owner of the Antler Inn and the founder of Town Square Inns in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

In this episode, we talk about how Clarene started her hotel business, her favorite legislation from her time as a legislator, and the challenges that Wyoming women face.

“We had opportunity in those times. The town was growing and anybody willing to work hard could grow with the town.” – Clarene Law

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“Everybody wants to be at the top of the mountain but you don’t get there all at once and you don’t get there alone. Your strengths are developed on the way up.” – Clarene Law

Show Notes:

  • Clarene’s journey to Jackson
  • How Clarene got into the hotel business
  • How Clarene became a Wyoming State Legislator
  • Clarene’s favorite legislation she worked on as a legislator
  • The most intriguing part of living in Wyoming
  • Why Clarene has a passion for immigration reform
  • The challenges Wyoming women face
  • Clarene’s greatest inspiration

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