Bobbie Birleffi on First, But Last? with Emy DiGrappaBobbie Birleffi is a producer and director living in Los Angeles, originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

In this episode, we discuss Bobbie’s childhood in Wyoming, the people who influenced her to become a filmmaker, and how the #metoo movement has personally impacted her.

“People are starting to use words like ‘misogyny’. If you had used that word ten years ago, you would have been labeled as a radical crazy.” – Bobbie Birleffi

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“If you are a middle-aged or older woman, reach out to young women and connect with them because they want to be educated and they want to be connected.” – Bobbie Birleffi

Show Notes:

  • Why growing up in Wyoming was intriguing for Bobbie
  • How Bobbie found the courage to make her own documentary
  • The ways Wyoming has changed since Bobbie made her first documentary
  • How Bobbie’s father inspired her to become a filmmaker
  • How the #metoo movement has impacted Bobbie

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  • Connect with Bobbie Birleffi:

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