Rev. Dr. Bernadine Craft on First, but Last? with Emy diGrappaRev. Dr. Bernadine Craft is an Episcopal priest, former Wyoming State Representative, psychotherapist, and Executive Director of Sweetwater BOCES.

In this episode, we discuss what it was like for Bernadine to be the only woman in the Wyoming Senate, what needs to happen to get more women involved in government, and how to generally improve the economic status of women in Wyoming.

“The finest people I have ever met in my life have been in Wyoming. There is something about our proud Wyoming heritage: we’re very independent, we’re very resilient.” – Rev. Dr. Bernadine Craft

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“We really have to work on identifying women, mentoring them, recruiting them, and then being there and supporting them. Because left to my own devices, I would have never ever sought political office.” – Rev. Dr. Bernadine Craft

Show Notes:

  • Why Bernadine moved back to Wyoming
  • What is it like to be the only woman in the Wyoming State Senate
  • What are the challenges of getting more women into government
  • Why mentorship opportunities essential to increasing the number of women in government
  • The importance of encouraging kids to follow their dreams
  • How to become an Episcopal parish priest

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