Audrey Cotherman on First, But Last? with Emy DiGrappaAudrey Cotherman is an author and writer for the Casper Star Tribune.

She is 89 years old and has lived in Wyoming since 1960.

In this episode, we talk about how Audrey got involved with the League of Women Voters, her experience with gender discrimination working in government, and how she became the first executive director of Wyoming Humanities.

“I was not, nor am I inclined to this day, to march. I suppose it really does draw attention to things, but I’m not sure that it changes things. I think to change something takes a lot of relationship building and determination and that it’s a very gradual process.” – Audrey Cotherman

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“The more I can think like a child sometimes, the better off I am!” – Audrey Cotherman

Show Notes:

  • Audrey’s journey to Wyoming
  • How Audrey got involved in the League of Women Voters
  • Audrey’s perspective on the state of women’s rights in Wyoming
  • Audrey’s experience with gender discrimination while working in government
  • How Audrey became the first executive director of Wyoming Humanities
  • Audrey’s greatest life accomplishments

Links Mentioned:

“To this day, I think a humanities education makes you employable for whatever you want to do.” – Audrey Cotherman

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