Arielle Zibrak on First, but Last with Emy diGrappaArielle Zibrak is a scholar of 19th and 20th century American fiction and a writer, interested in the relationship between art and politics.

She has been happily living in Wyoming for the past six years, working at the University of Wyoming as an Assistant Professor of English and affiliated Assistant Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies.

In this episode, Arielle talks about her journey to Wyoming, how she became interested in women’s studies, and how homosexuality became an identity.

“Literature has, for a long time, been a place where women can exert an influence on society where they haven’t been able to do so through explicitly political channels.” – Arielle Zibrak

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“Since I’ve been here I’ve had bigger ideas.” – Arielle Zibrak

Show Notes:

  • How Arielle became a resident of Wyoming
  • What is most intriguing about Wyoming
  • How Arielle became interested in women’s studies
  • How homosexuality was written about in the 19th and 20th centuries
  • When homosexuality begin to be thought of as an identity
  • The Boston Marriage phenomenon
  • The biggest limitation of freedom for women in the United States

Links Mentioned:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | The English Department at the University of Wyoming

“Within the first year of living in Casper I just sort of fell in love with the state.” – Arielle Zibrak

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