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Reading Wyoming

Reading Wyoming is a book discussion program, available to any non-profit organization or public agency in Wyoming. The program brings community members and a humanities discussion leader together to read and talk about selected books. The sponsoring organization, in conjunction with the discussion leader, selects the Reading Wyoming series. Discussions take place during the specified time with a group of 8 to 20 participants.

HUGE thanks to Debbie Sturman and the Niobrara County Library in Lusk for graciously and thankfully hosting the Reading Wyoming archives.  You will get a sense of the discussions that occur and undoubtedly want to join a reading group!  Click  Reading Wyoming Archives to read group leaders synopses.

The Wyoming Humanities Council provides publicity, multiple copies of the books and expenses for the discussion leader. Contact Leslie Capps, (307) 721-9243,, for assistance.



  • Groups may host one Reading Wyoming program every 12 months.
  • Spring Reading Wyoming: Four meetings between January 20 and May 15. Rolling application deadline open until October 15.
  • Summer Reading Wyoming: Four meetings between June 1 and August 31. Rolling application deadline open until March 15.
  • Fall Reading Wyoming: Four meetings between August 1 and December 5. Rolling application deadline open until May 15.
  • Applications may be submitted anytime before the deadlines; requests will be approved based on order received, geographic distribution and funds available.



  • Review the Reading Wyoming series, list your top three choices of series, choosing four books if applicable in order of your preference. A list of series, including books in the series, is available on this website — click here for series 
  • List the dates and location for your meetings and the name of the discussion leader.
  • The project director should sign and submit the form, postmarked by the deadline. It is preferable, although not required, for the project director to be an employee of the sponsoring organization.
  • The Wyoming Humanities Council will notify groups of funding decisions and series selection as soon as possible.