Ignite Videos

Poet, teacher, and Cretan George Vlastos seeks out the Hesychast monks on mount Athos in Northern Greece.

Economist  and renaissance man Jay Shogren on his 25 year journey back to music.


National Geographic’s Mark Jenkins’ compelling argument on how bicycling  could save the world.


Bob Sell, VP of ARK Regional Services,  explains a way to change the world that starts closer to home.

Wyoming Legislator and University of Wyoming professor Cathy Connolly relates her summer of marriage obsession and DOMA.

Blossom Yoga’s Emily Brown dissects body issues and explains  a healthier way to eat (Teaser: It’s not by counting calories).

New executive Director of the WHC Shannon Smith discusses how one gets from the software industry to becoming a humanities educator.


Writer and naturalist Emiline Ostlind follows the 150 mile journey of northwest Wyoming’s pronghorn antelope and documents the obstacles in their way.


Wyoming’s Big Brother of the Year, Micheal McNamee III,  explains the return on the best investment he’s ever made.


Laramie’s Pedal House bike shop owners, Dewey Gallegos and Jessica Flock, don’t always agree how to spend their time.




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