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Heal Up and Hair Over

Heal-Up-webHeal Up and Hair Over: A Wyoming Civility Reader sprung out of a 2011 initiative called Civility Matters!, a series of programs considering the meaning of civility.  Through a variety of formats, Civility Matters! creatively engaged public and private resources to build civic participation, foster cultural diversity, and promote critical thinking.  Civility Matters! was developed in response to the American Civility Tour of Jim Leach, former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), along with the NEH’s new Bridging Cultures initiative, which focuses on the role of civility in a democracy and understanding Muslim contributions to world cultures

The reader has been used for office ethics training sessions, book discussion groups, classroom discussions and as an instigator for conversations among people with varied political opinions.  We encourage you to use and disseminate the reader. Read a column from Bill Sniffin about the publication.

The Wyoming Humanities Council launched this significant initiative in partnership with the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources, with funding from the Wyoming State Legislature.  The Wyoming State Legislature continues to graciously provide funding for this important and relevant initiative.

“Heal up and hair over” is a western cattle ranching idiom generally referring to the healing process for a minor injury suffered by an individual or an animal — something perhaps painful, but not very serious. In branding cattle, the healed brand does not grow hair, but with the winter on the way the coat “hairs over”. The phrase is often used metaphorically to indicate the practical need to “get over” offenses, as a way of getting along with others on whom you depend in an isolated and inhospitable landscape.

For a preview copy in Pdf format click here: Heal Up and Hair Over Civility Reader

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