Giving Voice

Are we listening to one another in Wyoming? And are all Wyoming voices heard? Does civility in a democracy include listening to those who don’t have a strong or mainstream voice in society such as Wyomingites from small, rural or underserved communities, youth, non-traditional families, those with disabilities, mental health concerns, or with fewer economic means? All in all, what is on the minds of Wyomingites and how can the Wyoming Humanities Council listen to more Wyoming citizens and develop public humanities programs that meet their needs?


In 2012, building on the outcomes from Civility Matters!, the Wyoming Humanities Council will host Giving Voice, a statewide listening project, both virtually and with options for face-to-face activities in communities across Wyoming. Enlisting statewide partnerships, and public humanities scholars and students, the council will make available to communities listening facilitator teams and digital film and recording equipment as a means of listening to what is on the minds of Wyomingites related to humanities issues. The council seeks statewide partners to participate in this endeavor, including public humanities scholars, nonprofit and governmental organizations, and communities who may apply for participation. Giving Voice is supported in part by the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources through funding provided by the Wyoming State Legislature. Here’s how you can get involved:



Listening Post: The Wyoming Humanities Council tent will visit summer cultural festivals to listen to Wyomingites. Community applications are also available to make arrangements for community members to use video equipment from the council to listen to and document youth and other silent voices in their own communities. For community applications, contact

Voices from Towns Under 1000: We’ll be visiting selected towns under 1000 to listen and help citizens express what’s on their minds through the lens of poetry and the humanities in the Wyoming Humanities Council tent. Let us know if your community is interested by contacting



Youth Voices: Do you have ideas about organizations that would be interested in partnering with the Wyoming Humanities Council to reach Wyoming youth in new ways, listening to their perspectives? Contact the Wyoming Humanities Council at

Silent Voices: Do you know a statewide organization that could help the council visit with and listen to non-traditional families, those living under the poverty line, or those with mental health issues about their expressions of the human experience. Contact the Wyoming Humanities Council at



Voices of Public Humanities Professionals: Are you a public humanities professional or scholar who would be interested in participating in training for community listening teams? Contact the Wyoming Humanities Council at


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