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Welcome Journey Stories Hosting Venues and Partners.  This page contains documents that you may use to facilitate programming and projects in support of the Museum on Main Street Journey Stories traveling exhibit.  Some documents are intended to serve as  a template for you to modify to fit your needs and are included in word format.  If you are unable to open word documents please contact Sheila Bricher-Wade at to obtain the document in a rtf. format.  Other documents are designed simply to provide tips on various aspects of the project.

Host responsibilities checklist  Host Responsibilities  for venues hosting the Journey Stories exhibit.

PLEASE BE SURE TO SEND YOUR pdf for the bottom half of your
CASPER STAR VENUE AD  to Lou Cardran no less than 2 full weeks before the opening of the exhibit in your venue.

PLEASE  BE SURE TO COLLECT NAMES and EMAIL OF PARTICIPANTS at Journey Stories events.  Please print  and distribute this form at all your Journey Stories events.  Journey StoriesParticipant SignUP  Please provide copies  of your completed participant sheets to the Wyoming Humanities Council with your report materials.

Please be sure to visit the Journey Stories exhibitors resources page for additional information


Journey Stories REQUIRED creditline

Best Practices for Using News Releases in Marketing Campaigns
Journey Stories Step by step media plan
Journey Stories step by step media checklist
Journey Stories Scribe and Photo handout

PLEASE SHARE PHOTOS and VIDEOS with the Wyoming Humanities Council.  You may find the following documents useful for insuring that participants are aware that their photos or videos may be included on the internet.
Photos and video at council sponsored events POST
Journey Stories long standard release form

INVITATIONS  Please use this document as a template for inviting federal, state, county and city elected and appointed officials  to your exhibit opening and other events.
Invitation to Congress and Senate   elected officials     federal elected officials
Contact information for city, county and state elected officials may be found at:
the Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM) at ,
the Wyoming Association of County Officials (WACO) at
and the Wyoming legislature at

After your exhibit tour and specific events PLEASE REMEMBER to THANK federal and state officials for their support as well as your county and/or city officials who support your venue and programming. 
Local THANK YOU Congress Senators

ADDITIONAL PROGRAM SUPPORT – Venues hosting Journey Stories may receive fee waivers for two Humanities Forum programs, Reading Wyoming Journey Stories series and/or Muslim Journeys reading series, the Created Equal Film series or a self designed Reel Journeys film series.   Please complete the appropriate application and email a scanned copy or send a hard copy to the Wyoming Humanities Council at 1213 East Lewis, Laramie, WY 82072.

Additional Journey Stories Programming Options
humanities forum_application
Reading Wyoming Journey Stories
Journey Stories Muslim Journeys Reading Series Application
Reading Wyoming Journey Stories
Reel Journeys Film Series
Journey Stories Film List
JS Food for Thought

All Journey Stories venues must provide specific information regarding the time contributed by the hosting venue and volunteers as well as other contributions such as free advertising, donated materials etc.  Please use the cost share form to document all investment of time and materials so that we may use it to match our federal dollars.
InKind Cost Share

Each hosting venue is eligible to receive up to $1500 in program support for Journey Stories exhibits and programming.  Please complete the following  and submit it with a brief narrative description to obtain 90% of the support payment.  Following the exhibit please provide an updated budget with a short narrative description of how the money was actually spent to receive the final payment.
Journey Stories Program Support Budget Description

Do not open the document in your web browser.  Save the document from this link to your computer and type in the information to complete the form.  The buttons at the end will not work properly unless Adobe Reader is configured as the default PDF viewer in the user’s web browser settings. (The Chrome and Firefox browsers have their own PDF viewers that are used by default, unless the user tells the browser to use Adobe Reader.)

For best results, please download the PDF form from the website to your computers and use Adobe Reader outside of your web browser. The version of the form with the edited instructions is also now available on the Museum on Main Street website at
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